The Balancing By Nutrition Program 


** What is included…..

  • Hair Mineral Analysis by Analytical Research Labs. You’ll start by submitting a small sample of hair. This non-invasive screening test gives you accurate readings for the levels and ratios of 21 nutritive and toxic minerals in your hair – presented in a chart that graphically illustrates your test results.  Uncover mineral deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, metabolic imbalances and more with this simple hair test.
  • Easy-to-read laboratory interpretation report.   You will get a detailed explanation of your test results in a 15-20 page customized report including a toxic metal assessment, stress analysis, and insights into your metabolic type, dietary issues, energy level, immune system, adrenal and thyroid activity, autonomic nervous system balance, and trends for over 50 common health conditions.
  • Personalized Nutritional Balancing Program. You will get specific dietary guidelines and a carefully targeted nutritional supplement program designed to assist in balancing and strengthening your body chemistry.  With the assistance of Lawrence Wilson, your personal program will be set up in accordance with the principles of nutritional balancing science, which means you’ll get an experienced opinion and a program that’s customized for you based on your hair mineral analysis results and health history.
  • One 20-minute consultation reviewing your hair mineral analysis results. I’ll spend 20-30 minutes helping you understand your test results.  We’ll also discuss the specific dietary guidelines for your oxidation type, and your nutritional supplement program, detoxification needs, lifestyle modifications and other topics related to your health program.
  • Nutritional Balancing resources.  I’ll provide you with any relevant resources, recommended reading, worksheets and links related to your hair mineral test results and your specific circumstance to help you understand your health situation at a deeper level and ensure you’re doing all you can to address every aspect of your health.
  • ​​ All-inclusive support. Receive support and guidance at your command by calling, texting, or sending me an email to get your questions answered.  This way you can avoid the problems and pitfalls of trying to heal on your own.


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“Minerals are the spark plugs of life. They are involved in almost all enzyme reactions in the body. Without enzyme activity, life does not exist.”          

– Dr. Paul Eck


Why Test For Minerals?

Minerals are the “spark plugs” of life. They are involved in almost all enzyme reactions in the body.

Without enzyme activity, life does not exist. The foundation of health lies in the adequate mineral intake and ideal mineral ratios. Anything else you do for your health is great, but minerals must be the foundation and priority. Once those are balanced and replenished, it solves the majority of health issues people attempt in vain to correct by other means.

Balancing minerals with a hair tissue mineral analysis is imperative to achieve proper mineral ratios. All minerals have a complex interaction and affect each other. Excess intake of a single mineral can decrease the intestinal absorption of another mineral. For example, a high intake of calcium depresses intestinal zinc absorption, while an excess intake of zinc can depress copper absorption. It is evident that a loss of homeostatic equilibrium between nutrients has an adverse effect upon health.


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